A Leader after God's Own Heart by John K Mathew | Christian books

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  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: GS Media


One of the biggest needs today is for leadership—both in the church and the world. In a value eroding generation as is now godly and decisive leadership can do great and memorable things that will revolutionise the church and society at large. Unlike many other this book concentrates on the who of leadership than the what, how and why of it. A Leader's vision, call, character and relationship with God, and his commitment to God's word and His world are of greater importance than just his own aspirations and popular demands. If one reads this book with an open mind and solid expectancy it will help change how leadership is viewed and handled in the church and the world.

Some significant areas explained in the book are:

+ Different theories of leadership

+ Great models of leadership

+ Costs of leadership

+ Aiming for Excellence


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