Shipping & Delivery Time Policy

Shipping & Delivery Time Policy

At EachDayKart®, we redefine the shopping experience by using your funds to procure your desired products from offline stores, acting as your personal shopping assistant. This innovative approach bridges the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar outlets and online buyers, catering to your specific requirements.

Unlike platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, EachDayKart® operates uniquely. By making a purchase on our catalog site, you signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Shipping Options and Dispatch Times:

    • Economy Dispatch: 4 Days

      • Dispatch Time: 4 Days
      • Delivery Time: Varies (Non-reputed delivery companies)
    • Choice Dispatch: 3 Days

      • Dispatch Time: 3 Days
      • Courier company: Xpressbees
      • Delivery Time: Depends on the shipping company
    • Expedited Dispatch: 2 Days

      • Dispatch Time: 2 Days
      • Courier company: Amazon
      • Delivery Time: Depends on the shipping company
    • Express Dispatch: 24 Hours

      • Dispatch Time: 24 Hours
      • Courier company: Delhivery
      • Delivery Time: Depends on the shipping company
    • Cargo Dispatch (Orders Above Rs. 5000/-): 2 Days

      • Dispatch Time: 2 Days
      • Courier company: Delhivery LTL
      • Delivery Time: Depends on the shipping company
  2. Delivery Details and Responsibilities:

    • EachDayKart® functions as your personal shopping assistant, procuring items on your behalf from offline stores.
    • Our services do not encompass direct responsibility for delivery dates or tracking information; these aspects are subject to the policies of the selected delivery company.
    • Once your order is dispatched, EachDayKart® will send you a tracking link via email. It is your responsibility to monitor and check the tracking link for updates.
    • The choice of shipping and delivery companies is at the discretion of the customer.
    • Delivery Delays: Please be aware that, due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery might be delayed during transit. EachDayKart® holds no liability for such delays. We kindly request your patience and understanding in such situations.
  3. Marine Insurance:

    • Every customer must insure their purchase from our site.
    • If a customer fails to insure their order, they will bear consequences such as damage, theft, or loss of the product during transit.
    • EachDayKart® is not responsible for shipments that are not insured.
    • Customers are advised to consult general insurance companies regarding insurance for their orders.
  4. Damages During Transit:

    • Please note that EachDayKart® is not an e-commerce seller; we offer personal service assistance.
    • We are not liable for any damages that may occur during transit.
    • Any risks associated with transit are borne by the customers.

Experience shopping with a personal touch that's exclusive to EachDayKart®. Our distinctive approach empowers you to shop in a whole new way, backed by our commitment to seamless assistance. Embrace the convenience of tailored shopping, where your preferences take center stage.

Feel free to reach out to our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing EachDayKart® as your personal shopping assistant!

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