EachDayKart Leadership Team

Mr. Rajeev Ch

Founder, Managing Director, and CEO

Mr. Rajeev Ch is the visionary behind EachDayKart, serving as its Founder, Managing Director, and CEO. With a passion for business and education, he has driven the company to new heights of success.


  • Post Graduate degree in Master of Business Administration from Andhra University (AU) Visakhapatnam, AP.
  • Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Strategic Management from JNTU Hyderabad.


  • Former Professor of the MBA Department at JNTU Hyderabad.
  • Prior to founding EachDayKart, Mr. Rajeev Ch started Eachday Enterprise and incorporated it as Eachdaykart Global Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Rajeev Ch's extensive academic background and experience in both education and entrepreneurship have been instrumental in shaping EachDayKart into a thriving global entity. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its reach and product offerings, consistently meeting the needs of its customers.

Ms. Sarah Bitra


Ms. Sarah Bitra is a key member of the EachDayKart leadership team, bringing a unique perspective to the company with her background in healthcare.


  • Nursing graduate with a strong foundation in healthcare management.


  • Nurse Manager at a reputed Yeshoda Hospitals.

Ms. Sarah Bitra's expertise in healthcare and management has been invaluable in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our customers and employees alike. Her commitment to excellence drives our organization's commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services.

In her role as Director, Ms. Bitra also plays a pivotal role in overseeing our commitment to ethical practices, ensuring that EachDayKart conducts its business with integrity and a focus on social responsibility.

Our Leadership Philosophy

At EachDayKart, we believe in the power of leadership that combines innovation, experience, integrity, and spiritual values. Our leadership team is dedicated to:

  • Customer-Centricity: We prioritize our customers' needs and continuously seek to improve our products and services to exceed their expectations.

  • Innovation: We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging creative thinking and adaptability in an ever-evolving marketplace.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our business practices, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability.

  • Community Engagement: We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate, promoting social responsibility through various initiatives.

Together, our leadership team guides EachDayKart towards a future of growth, sustainability, and positive impact. We are proud of our team's accomplishments and look forward to continuing our journey of success, driven by both business acumen and spiritual values.

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