Leadership insights from Heroes - by Chandra Kumar manikyam - Telugu Christian books

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Leadershio Insights brings before us deep revelations of Old Testament characters and how God dealt with them in the early century and as to how we can apply it to our present century.

The purpose of the book is to draw individuals to come to grips with his or her reality of life in the light of the fact of God as providing him or her an opportunity to lead a faithful and fruitful life. These insights come with the examples of the great people as they led their lives honest to God as he molded them to his plan and purpose. .

The book as well draws the readers’ attention to appropriate these insights into their lives as individuals and as members of the church and society as well. To this end the purpose of the book is well served as it narrates the life-stories of these saints and sinners of old in an easy and direct way so as to catch the attention of the reader.

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