Price Agreement

Price agreement statement regarding EachDayKart's pricing

EachDayKart's prices for goods sold online are higher compared to the offline prices due to the additional costs associated with online sales and delivery. The online prices include various charges such as transaction fees, packaging and handling charges, and delivery charges. These additional costs are necessary for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free online shopping experience for our customers.

Therefore, customers may notice a price difference between online and offline prices for the same product. We strive to keep our online prices as competitive as possible while also maintaining the quality and integrity of our products and services.

By placing an order through the EachDayKart website or other online sales channels, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the pricing and charges associated with online sales. These charges are clearly indicated at the time of purchase and are non-negotiable.

We appreciate our customers' understanding and support in helping us maintain the high standards of service and quality that we are committed to providing.

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