Partnership with The Bible Society of India Karnataka

Partnership with The Bible Society of India Karnataka

Eachdaykart's Remarkable Partnership with The Bible Society of India Karnataka


Eachdaykart, a name synonymous with innovation and dedication to its customers, has embarked on a remarkable journey of collaboration with The Bible Society of India Karnataka. This partnership not only signifies Eachdaykart's commitment to promoting spiritual knowledge but also highlights its efforts to make the holy scriptures accessible to people of diverse backgrounds, languages, and abilities.

A Shared Vision: Expanding Availability of Bibles in Indian Languages

One of the cornerstones of Eachdaykart's partnership with The Bible Society of India Karnataka is the joint effort to enhance the availability of Bibles in various Indian languages. In a culturally diverse country like India, where multiple languages and dialects coexist, access to spiritual literature in one's native language is invaluable.

Through this partnership, Eachdaykart has worked closely with The Bible Society of India Karnataka to ensure that individuals from different linguistic backgrounds can easily access the Bible in their preferred languages. This commitment aligns perfectly with Eachdaykart's mission to cater to the spiritual needs of a wide-ranging audience.

Supporting the Visually Impaired: Free Braille Bibles

Eachdaykart's dedication to inclusivity extends to the visually impaired community. Recognizing the importance of providing access to spiritual literature for everyone, Eachdaykart has undertaken the noble initiative of distributing Braille Bibles free of cost to the blind. This initiative is a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to making faith and spirituality accessible to all, regardless of physical limitations.

Joining Forces with The Bible Society of India Karnataka

In a significant development, the entire team of The Bible Society of India Karnataka, including the Book Room, has become an integral part of Eachdaykart. This move strengthens the partnership and signifies the collaborative spirit that both organizations share in their mission to disseminate the teachings of the Bible far and wide.

The Book Room team, with its deep knowledge and expertise in managing and distributing religious literature, enhances Eachdaykart's capacity to serve customers seeking spiritual guidance. This harmonious collaboration ensures a seamless integration of resources and expertise, ultimately benefitting the customers seeking spiritual literature.


Eachdaykart's partnership with The Bible Society of India Karnataka represents a significant stride in the journey to promote spiritual knowledge, linguistic diversity, and inclusivity. By expanding the availability of Bibles in Indian languages and providing free Braille Bibles to the visually impaired, Eachdaykart is making a meaningful impact on the lives of many. The inclusion of the Bible Society of India Karnataka's entire team further solidifies their commitment to their mission. Together, they are not only changing the way people access spiritual literature but also fostering a sense of unity and inclusiveness in the pursuit of faith and knowledge.

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