Biggest Telugu Christian Books Promoter

Biggest Telugu Christian Books Promoter

Eachdaykart: India's Leading Provider of Telugu Christian Books


In the realm of faith and spirituality, access to literature that nurtures one's beliefs is paramount. Eachdaykart, an emerging player in the world of e-commerce, has not only recognized this need but has taken significant strides to fulfill it. Today, we are excited to share how Eachdaykart has become the largest seller of Telugu Christian books in India and its journey alongside prominent Christian bookstores like Jeevan Jyothi Christian Books Store, OM Book Foundation, Christian Truth Books Room, Alpha Books, and more.

A Partnership of Faith and Purpose

Eachdaykart's journey as India's foremost seller of Telugu Christian books began in 2019 when it initiated partnerships with established Christian bookstores across the nation. These partnerships marked a significant step towards promoting the dissemination of God's word and spiritual knowledge among believers of Christ.

  1. Jeevan Jyothi Christian Books Store (Anil Garu)

    Anil Garu, the driving force behind Jeevan Jyothi Christian Books Store, joined hands with Eachdaykart to further their shared mission of spreading the message of faith. Together, they have provided a vast range of Telugu Christian books, catering to the spiritual needs of individuals seeking guidance and inspiration.

  2. OM Book Foundation Founded by George Verwer

    George Verwer, the visionary behind OM Book Foundation, recognized the potential of online platforms in reaching a wider audience. Partnering with Eachdaykart enabled them to make a broader impact by offering a rich collection of Christian literature that encourages spiritual growth.

  3. Christian Truth Books Room (Managed by Mathew Henry)

    The Christian Truth Books Room, managed by Mathew Henry, found a digital avenue for their mission through Eachdaykart. Together, they have provided seekers with a treasure trove of Christian wisdom and understanding.

  4. Alpha Books (Managed by Egg Burt)

    Egg Burt, who oversees Alpha Books, recognized the potential of Eachdaykart's reach. By joining forces, they have made countless Christian books accessible to believers and seekers alike, fostering a deeper understanding of God's kingdom.

Promoting God's Kingdom Knowledge

Eachdaykart's rapid ascent to becoming India's biggest seller of Christian books is a testament to its commitment to spreading God's kingdom knowledge. The platform offers an extensive collection of Telugu Christian books, covering diverse topics such as theology, devotionals, inspirational literature, and biblical studies.

By collaborating with well-established Christian bookstores and their dedicated leaders, Eachdaykart has created a synergy that bolsters its mission. The partnerships ensure that believers across India have easy access to a wide array of resources that nourish their faith, deepen their understanding, and help them grow spiritually.


In just a few short years, Eachdaykart has become a trailblazer in the realm of faith-based literature. Its collaboration with leading Christian bookstores has allowed it to emerge as India's largest seller of Telugu Christian books. This remarkable achievement underscores Eachdaykart's dedication to promoting God's kingdom knowledge and serving the spiritual needs of believers. As they continue to expand their catalog and partnerships, Eachdaykart is poised to make an even more significant impact on the spiritual landscape of India.

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