We Would See Jesus By Roy And Revel Hession Telugu | Telegu christen Books

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  • Product Language :Telugu
  • Publisher               : GS Media
  • Paperback
  • papas                     :138
  • Dimension              : 138 x 215 x 7 mm


This is a book that seeks to be simply about the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Each aspect of Christian experience is made real in us just by seeing Him. He is both the blessing we all seek and the easy accessible way to that blessing. If we concentrate on trying to make a certain aspect of things work, it will become a formula for us and will only lead us into bondage. But the Lord Jesus has come to take from us every yoke of bondage and to set us free to serve Him in the freshness and spontaneity of the Spirit, and all that by the simple sight of Him which the Holy Spirit gives to the eye of faith.


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