The World Christian Church History by Gera Jeevaratnam- Telugu Christian Books

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Being the first book in Telugu on Church History, this precious tool deals on various topics and subjects related to the History of the Church over the past several centuries. Varied subjects that helps us to focus on the differences between Catholics and Protestants. The book dwells on how the first apostles carried the gospel, the suffering/persecution Church faced, the growth and culture of Christianity under various kings and empires. In these days when Church history is limited to a particular denomination/Church, the World Christian Church History would be a great boon to many Christian readers.
Product Information
Type : Book
ISBN : 978-93-80737-18-8
Category : Church History and Ecclesiology
Publisher : GS Media
Year of Produce : 2010
Audience : For Believers of Christ
Language : Telugu
Pages : 382
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 501gms
Dimension : N/A

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