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  • Bilingual Bible
  • Languages: Kannada - English Side by Side
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Publisher: The Bible Society of Karnataka Auxiliary
  • Fulfillment by: Eachdaykart Karnataka
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Bible Description

This is a Parallel Bible with Kannada (Old Version) and English (English Standard Version). This Bilingual or Diglot Bible is printed and published in  Inida by ‘Bible Society of India’.  The Bilingual Bible Hard Cover. It is a complete Parallel Bible with Old and New Testaments. The Bible also contains HELPLINES, like,

  1. God Answers Prayers.
  2. Where to Find in Old Testament and New Testament
  3. Prophecies of Mssiah Fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
  4. Presentation page in the beginning.
  5. 2 ribbons which serve as book marks.

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