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It is easy to carry the bag to and from the washing/drying room using the short or long handles. Perfect for taking the laundry to laundromats or shared laundry rooms.

The plastic coating on the inside protects against moisture.

Place the bag freestanding in a room, store it in a wardrobe or hang it on a hook.

Soft and easy to fold and store when not in use.

Drawstring closure hides the laundry and keeps dust out. It also makes it possible to fill just a little more wash at the top of the bag.

The laundry airs during storage thanks to the small gap that is created when the bag is closed.

It is easy to carry the bag to and from the washing machine using the short or long handles.

The plastic interior makes the bag easy to wipe dry and also more stable.

  • Size : 100 l (26 gallon)
  • Designer : IKEA of Sweden
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Article Number : 804.938.33

Grab your laundry and go! This tote is perfect for gathering dirty clothes and carrying them to the washing machine. The drawstring closure lets you fit more – so you can wait to wash another week.

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