Family Matters by Irwin and Vijaya Lall | Christian spiritual books

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  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: GS Media


The fast-paced-challenges of our times claim many victims, one of which is the institution of the family. Once a sacred platform for the birthing, nourishing, raising and guarding of giants of faith and integrity, it now languishes as a caricature of its former self, under severe onslaught of worldliness, sleaze and dysfunctionality. The real reason behind its systematic decimation - the dethroning of God from our hearts and the straying from His word! Unless God is brought back center-stage into every area of our family life, we are doomed and outside the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, there is no hope for mankind. This book seeks to do just that - bring God back into every facet of the family, and spell out how you do it, to make sure that your family thrives despite turmoil that threatens to undo it, and be a transforming agency of God in a world that is becoming more self-destructive with each passing day.

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