Vision & Mission Statements

Mission Statement:

To revolutionize the e-commerce industry by providing personalized shopping experiences and connecting customers with a wide range of stores and sellers.

Vision Statement:

Eachdaykart's vision is to become the foremost intermediary service provider in India, enabling customers to have personalized shopping experiences while driving the growth of Indian businesses. Our goal is to create sustainable employment opportunities and contribute to the development of the Indian economy.

The company's goals and short-term goals, they are


  • To expand Eachdaykart's reach to all major cities and towns in India
  • To establish Eachdaykart as a trusted and reliable brand in the e-commerce industry
  • To offer a wide range of high-quality products and services to customers

Short-term goals:

  • To improve the efficiency of the product sourcing and delivery process
  • To enhance the customer support and satisfaction through continuous feedback and improvement
  • To increase the number of partner stores and sellers to provide customers with more options and choices.

Our Major Target:

Connecting Indian products to global customers is a key target for Eachdaykart. By leveraging technology and efficient supply chain management, the company aims to expand its reach beyond domestic borders and make Indian products accessible to a global audience. This not only benefits Indian businesses by increasing their customer base, but also helps promote the rich cultural heritage and diversity of India on a global scale. Eachdaykart's target is to establish a strong presence in the international market as a reliable and efficient intermediary service provider, connecting Indian products to customers around the world.

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